Since the beginning of this blog, few months ago, things have evolved quite a bit.

While I was working  at a high position job full time and traveling a lot, mainly for business, in Asia, US, Europe,… my love for travels and short trips grew quickly.

But with my path as an entrepreneur (for the past decade in China), I decided that I had to get back to that, and gain a “kind” of freedom back.


GregWasThere.com is still about living in China and traveling around the world to remote places like Puerto Rico, Mexico, Tibet or San Francisco, at the end, and, in general, about the places I have been trying. But I decided to share a bit more about my journey back to entrepreneurship, and trust me that’s a whole other kind of travel.

Maybe this blog will be helping a few more people on finding where to go and what to do next…

But who am I ?

BORACAYI was born in Lyon, France a bit more than 35 years ago and after traveling to South East Asia, China, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Germany, UK, I decided to move to Hong Kong and later to Shanghai where I have been living for more than 10 years now.

My stay in China brought me to several entrepreneurial and corporate ventures but since the summer of 2015, I have been back to my own projects, in (and from) Shanghai first (and probably from anywhere else soon)… In the meantime, I am about to get married to my beautiful wife in Playa del Carmen, in Mexico. Time to make a lot of big changes then !

I will be sharing those exciting times right here on GregWastThere.com and on Facebook. So, jump on and take a ride with me.

Contacts : gregwasthere@gmail.com


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