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Yello Arch of Guadalajara, Mexico by GregWasThere.com

Thanks to the Judge of Quintana Roo, Mexico, I have to visit Guadalajara on a regular basis. I am not going to complain!

We just came back from a ~10 days trip to Guadalajara, Mexico and as usual, we had a great time. It’s Christmas with blue sky, 15 to 20 degrees all day, amazing food, friends, and family,… Again, I cannot complain.


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My first time was 4 years ago, and it was now the visit number 4. This time, I felt that a lot have changed, and it’s for the best.

Guadalajara is looking good!

I am not an expert in Mexico, nor Mexican economy nor politics. I just have the changes to travel a lot and went a few time to this country over the past few years. Let’s say I am a simple witness of the changes, and Guadalajara is looking great!



So here are the 3 things that I feel are worth sharing:

1/ Security:

Probably the number one topic when you talk about Mexico with people who never been.

Well for the first time, I haven’t seen any heavy armed Police pick-up truck with masked policeman and guns at hand. Jalisco is not the most dangerous state from the country for sure and a lot is still going on at the border as well as in other states, true. But at least, in the State of Jalisco and especially in Guadalajara it felt pretty good.


2/ Business:

I have been scrolling around the city from downtown to the markets, residential areas, and malls… and a lot is going on. I would say that many shops are (re-)opening. Not all the malls have a good occupation rate still, but it’s getting better. Without doubts, the malls around Andares, which is the upper-class district with top brands and luxury items, are full of people, and every spot are taken.

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3/ Development:

A good sign for a city is when you can see signs of the economy picking up. Andares got the go to build a few more building complexes for offices and malls and it’s a good sign. 

Little “proper restaurants” established restaurants are mushrooming and it means that it is now again possible and safe to have a brick and mortar business you own without fearing local “unofficial” power forces. Bars and restaurants were very busy all the time and that’s another positive sign. (You can see my recommendations here).


Mercado de Mexcio, Guadalajara by GregWasThere.com


One of the things that I still cannot get over is how crappy are the infrastructures. Roads, sidewalk, parks,… need a lot of work (and it already cost me a plan and a hotel night because I missed a flight, thanks to the heavy rains and the dysfunctional sewer system !)

Of course, the pesos have been going down a lot lately and the oil and gas just got privatized with a direct impact of a ~20% surge in gas price since the beginning of the year 2017. Another good reason for people to be angry.

Let’s see how it is when I will be going back again to Guadalajara in a few months.

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