#004 – Building Walls during the Sharing Age

Building Walls in a Sharing Age by GregWasThere

During a recent trip to Scandinavia, I realized that like many of us travelers, we were staying in an Airbnb. We were going around using Uber Pull, Pop or People (or whatever it’s called on your side) to go to  restaurants and places we were finding following recommendations from Foursquare or TripAdvisor. I guess this is what some call the sharing economy.

The Sharing Age

I was not new to any of this, but it hit me. I realized how much things have changed.

But then, since I was in Europe, looking at the news, you realize something else that is as shocking. Everybody seems to be about building walls these days. Of course, there is Trump who wants to build a wall at the Mexican border and you have the “Jungle” situation in Calais, where they are now building a wall between France and UK, and in many other places already.

It made me wonder : how can multi-billions dollars businesses exist based on a trend that is clearly against what most of the people living in the economically leading countries want ?

On one hand you have people opening their doors, sharing a coach, or the back seat of their car and on the other hand, people are making sure that no one will come and breathe their air.

How does it even make sense ?

I have read Kevin Kelly’s book The Inevitable and the logic behind, to make it very simple, is that there are few things (with a focus on “the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future” as he says)  that will be happening, no matter what. You can try to slow it down, swim against the flow, refuse it,… it will still likely be happening.

And that’s also my opinion on the Sharing Economy. Governments can try to block Uber and AirBnb(like it’s already the case), it is, at the end, just for the organizational forces to put some rules around it. It could also not be called Uber nor AirBnb anymore, but it will happen. People will share spaces in co-working spaces, their time as freelancers, their playlists with Spotify, …

Following this line of thinking, it looks like political extremism is gaining massive support everywhere around the world. We have a good example in The Philippines, or in some Eastern Europe countries.  The US are closer than ever. France already dodged a couple of bullets in the past but it’s still going that way. So, now I wonder, is this also inevitable ? For a lot of them, it’s all about protectionism, and keeping the “others” out (on the other side of a 5-6 meters high wall if possible).

How are these two very opposite way of thinking are going to drive the world economically and politically ?



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