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No alarm clock needed today. It’s 6.10 am and it always nice to wake up by yourself even though your night was short. Flying from East to West has always been good with my jet-lag, and it’s perfect because we are traveling from Shanghai, China to Norway and then Denmark. But today, we woke up in Stockholm.

Stockholm by GregWasThere.com

We have 30 hours to grab a piece of the city and see what’s good out there. It’s not much but it should leave me enough time to see if the city will make it to my very arbitrary list of places I will be passing by again in the future. Those places that are naturally on your way (or you make them be on your way).

Breakfast start at 6.30 am at the HTL Hotel. It’s simple but nice.

Since my wife is also riding her own entrepreneurial monster, we like to usually take 2-3 hours in the morning to get online, catch up with our WeChat inquiry and messages, emails and Trello tasks. We grab our laptops and deal with all of this around breakfast. Once done, let’s go get a look at this City !

Thanks to Foursquare and TripAdvisor, it’s pretty easy to plan a few places you would like to see. The rest will be random, and that’s how I like it.

Today, the weather is probably as I was expecting it to be. Gray-ish and rainy. Not the best to walk around, but well, we still have to make the most of it ! Let’s head down to the Old Town.

The Old town is on a little island near the palace, right in the middle of the city of Stockholm. It’s a nice medieval kind of town with very narrowed alleys. You can find your usual tourists place and nice coffee shops. Local buses and ferries are easy to take and will help you go around faster. (more photos on my fanpage here)

Restaurant Prinsen in Stockholm by GregWasThere.comWith the help of my dear Foursquare we went for a late lunch in Prinsen and it was amazing. Even with this weather we managed to enjoy a Parisian-like terrace. It was pricey, but both, food and service, were great and sometimes, for a first culinary encounter with a new culture, that’s all that matters. For dinner, we had a simple dinner in a food court and it turned out pretty well too.

Overall it was pretty nice. Places and people are stylish and the food was good. Basically, everything is more expensive than in Shanghai or Paris (if it helps !). A Food court will be around 7-10 Euros.

One of the thing I didn’t know was their high interest in coffee.

Sweden loves its coffee, their coffee shops and all the cakes that come with them. “Fika” is the concept of “having a coffee” , a coffee break usually coming with a piece of cake, but basically it’s all about slowing down.

Espresso House outlet in downtown Stockholm by GregWasThere.com

They have plenty of nicely decorated coffee shops everywhere around the city and I particularly noticed the Espresso House chain that usually offers very comfy places where I could have spent hours reading and working.

Later on, the weather got better and walking along the water and in Djugarden was truly very nice.

Stockholm on Water near the Palace by GregWasThere.com

In conclusion,

Stockholm and I met quickly.

It was brief and pretty smooth. I will have pleasure to pass by again in the future if my path leads to it. I would definitely consider visiting more and enjoying more “fika”.

The Fall season is just not the same. Full winter or summer should be better to me. I will be coming back to Sweden but to Malmo very soon to see something else of the country.

*more photos on my fanpage here or on Instagram

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