Few days before taking off

You know the feeling.

You have been dreaming about this destination for months or years by now. And one day, somehow, your reached the point where you are willing to make it tangible and slowly move from “If one day” to “let’s go”. Tickets are now booked, you looked up at every websites and sources possible and are now ready, desperately waiting for the email from the airline telling you than you can “check-in” in advance. ~36 hours to go.

What a good feeling.

Your bags are probably ready, you loaded up your Iphone and laptop with everything you wanted from musics, ebooks to movies and all devices are fully charged. Another round of dinners and parties with your friends and family before hopping on the plane and taking off for a few weeks, a few months or for some others a few years.

This is a good moment.

In my case, in less than a week from now, I will be back in France for a few days before heading back to Mexico and start an amazing family trip where I will finally be getting married. For the first time in 10 years that I have been living in China, I will be away from Shanghai for an entire month, more than 4 weeks, that’s 5 week-ends included ! No short trip here, things had to be planned ahead.

Ready for take off - From Hong Kong to Shanghai
Ready for take off – From Hong Kong to Shanghai

We will be picking up my family in France before all going to Mexico so that they meet the in-laws. Travelling with many people (4 adults + 2 kids, + us two) and moving to different cities with a little party to arrange in the middle, just a wedding… in another country when you planned everything from the other part of the world, should be a walk in the park right ?

I can’t even remember when is the last time that we did a family trip. Probably 15 years ago or more actually, living abroad far from any relatives and now going back for 3-4 weeks all together should have its moments, for sure, but it is probably one in a life time opportunity for me to do that.

So, I am excited.

I can’t wait to trade the hot Shanghai streets for the beautiful beaches of Playa Del Carmen…

I am now ready for boarding.

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