Naples – Pizzas’ cradle

Naples was maybe not where the first pizza-like dish appeared, however it is where was made (in the 16th century) what we commonly call pizza around the world (according to Wikipedia, and as a matter of fact, as well as to any Neapolitans).

When you get to Naples, no need to look for very long before finding an authentic pizza joint. Coming from locals, here are a few great suggestions, first, I personally tried Sorbillos’ pizza’s with pomodori (cherry tomatoes) growing around the volcan Vesuvio and of course mozzarella di buffala (also from the region of Naples) and it was fantastic. I think that everything come from those two ingredients.

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Their location on the sea side (Via Partenope) is fantastic at night, but extremely busy. Come early, leave your name to the usher and get a drink next door while waiting…

Sorbillo Lievito Madre al Mare, Via Partenope 1, Naples. (Sorbillo’s Location)

I also heard that the Antica Pizzeria Da Michele (Da Michele’s Location) was great too. Less fancy, but very busy and cheap.

Those 2 locations seem to be the best places to enjoy original, typical, Neapolitans pizza in Naples according to locals.

Give it a try and let us know !


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