Vis-a-Vis will fit all needs… (French Restaurant)

When you wonder down Fuxing Rd towards Huashan Rd, you will find this old style building where a famous Yoga Studio (Yplus) takes the upper floor, and some shops, the front line on the side walk. Pass the entrance of this building, and you will already be feeling the vibe of this very chill-out, non-pretentious little restaurant.

Vis-a-Vis takes it all. Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee, Bistro, Dinner and Bar. The owners, Arnaud and Xavier are always here, attentive and friendly, preparing drinks for the very various crowd of customers. Let Arnaud get Inspired on the cocktails, you won’t be disappointed.

vis-a-vis-the-barWith dishes going from salad, pasta, croque monsieur, to Poulet Basquaise (Chicken with Peppers and tomatoes), or Burgundy beef, … Vis-a-Vis seems to have it all too. I always had a good time there, never mind it was for a quick bite or 100 ppl party…

Reviews here and there are all overwhelming with positives feedbacks, and I am happy to, now, count this place as one of my regular spot.

Vis-a-Vis : 299 Fuxing Xi Road near Huashan Road / 复兴西路299号, 近华山路 (

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