How I created a website in less than 24 hours (that works in China!)? using Strikingly

One of the first thing you need when you start your business is probably a website.


Please note that I am nothing even remotely close of someone knowledgeable in the internet area. However, like someone said to me recently :”As an entrepreneur, you’ll figure it out”. And well, that’s what I usually do. When you don’t have much budget, you’d better have some time to figure it out by yourself… So I looked for an easy way to make my own website.Read the rest ...

Let’s Go to Mexico ! – Aug 2015

Following our trip to Mexico, in Aug 2015, I had a hard time finding some time to edit the videos I wanted.

We were getting back to a more normal life back in Shanghai, preparing our trip to Tibet while opening a new company,… well, things got pretty busy.

But here it is !

This trip was beautiful and we had a great time with our friends and family who came to celebrate with us our wedding in Playa Del Carmen 🙂 (More videos to come soon !)

Music : Galantis – Runaway (U&I)

Shot with a Gopro Hero Silver4 in Guadalajara, Colima, Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Chichen Itza, Ik Kil, Isla Mujeres, Mexico CIty, Merida,…

I hope you will enjoy it !… Read the rest ...

Whale-Sharks watching around Isla Mujeres

A few months ago I posted a couple of videos of our swim with the Whale-Sharks and the Manta while we were in Mexico, right the day before getting married in Playa Del Carmen.

Diving with the Whale Shark was out of this world… such a massive animal going so fast so smoothly… As you can see the color of the water was absolutely astonishing and our day was amazing…

The video has been shot with our friends during a day trip around Isla Mujeres, near Cancun, Mexico in August 2015.… Read the rest ...

Leaving a sure thing for a vast unknown from Tess Vigeland

I thoughts I had covered it all in my previous posts here and there but then I came across Chris GUILLEBEAU article about Tess VIGELAND, and realized that I didn’t quite finish my therapy and my introspection about how important is what is happening to my life right now. I guess it is normal and will take more time than that…

In the Tess VIGELAND’s video, she is giving a speech during WDS 2013 (World Domination Summit 2013) about her choice of giving up her dream job as a national radio anchor with pretty much no back-up plan.… Read the rest ...

Dancing with Whale-Shark and Manta !

August was intense and I do have a lot of catch-up to do… We have been traveling for almost 4 weeks now from China to France and Mexico and had to get married in between. What a busy month it was ! But right before saying “Yes!” in front of the judge of Playa Del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico, we decided to go for a swim.

Meet El Tiburonzote ! (*big shark in spanish)


A friend took us on a day trip around Isla Mujeres near Cancun and got us to swim with whale-sharks, Manta … Lucky us we caught everything with the GoPro (more on

Our first encounter with a shark was not the best since there was a lot of people, it was also our first swim (=excitement), and the shark was as excited as we were I guess.… Read the rest ...

A tour around Shanghai Former French Concession

Enjoying the summer in Shanghai is not always easy. You first have to go through the raining season, enjoy a nice temperature way above 35 degrees, and avoid typhoons… but then you have days like this that are just great to go around the Former French Concession riding a bike…

Enjoy the tour !

Music by Caravane Palace – BrotherSwing

Shot with a Yi Camera

Few days before taking off

You know the feeling.

You have been dreaming about this destination for months or years by now. And one day, somehow, your reached the point where you are willing to make it tangible and slowly move from “If one day” to “let’s go”. Tickets are now booked, you looked up at every websites and sources possible and are now ready, desperately waiting for the email from the airline telling you than you can “check-in” in advance. ~36 hours to go.

What a good feeling.Read the rest ...

Shanghai Ride – YongKang Lu in the French Concession

Going around and showing a bit of the beautiful streets of Shanghai French Concession from the back of my bike ! Enjoy this quick ride on YongKang Road, the main bar street of Shanghai on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

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Why not going to Tibet and camp on the Mt Everest ?

Well, now that I am going through a rough divorce with my Google Calendar, I believe there is a window of flexibility before I get crazy busy again, and I have to  must make the most of it ! So… perfect moment to arrange some more trips !

First of all, we are all set for the month of August with a quick trip to France and, finally, our wedding on the Riviera Maya, in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.Read the rest ...

When others are more scared than you are

So,  yes…, Where was I ?

Oh yeah… I am quitting my job in a couple of weeks.

Drastic choices bring people to wonder, they worried for you quitting the path leading to normality.

For yourself, it’s simple, you have a pretty good idea of where you stand and probably why you came to choose this path instead of a more “approved” one. Trust me, reaching the point on making that choice was not a peaceful journey either, but now that it’s done, well… I guess it’s done.… Read the rest ...